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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My time is winding down...

I know it has been a while since I have updated, but not much has been happening. Me, Cayla, Liz and Emma went and stayed with our Kiwi friend Claire in Akaroa one weekend where I got to go wakeboarding in the ocean in winter. So cold but it was awesome. Her family was sweet and we got to have some delicious home cooked meals.
Other than that it's just been everyone finishing up assignments and studying making the rest of us unable to do anything with anyone. We've had a few good nights here and there with everyone, playing card games and drinking, just trying to soak up as much as we possibly can. We've all kind of gotten into a funk as it approached and became the beginning of June because we knew our time was coming to an end and of course we don't want to leave each other. It is the most bitter sweet feeling I, and everyone else, has ever felt. We are ready to see friends and family from home but it's going to be a tearful plane ride home.

As for now, we are trying to concentrate on finals and are trying to remember how to study. I'm just praying to pass, and I better or I'm dead probably.

The four of us. Liz, Cayla, Me and Val. We've decided this picture describes us the best, each in our own personalities and us as a group of loud american's.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Biggest Adrenaline Rush Ever - Kawarau Bridge Bungy, Queenstown, New Zealand

I bungy jumped. All there is to it. I, Sarah Tucker, jumped off a perfectly sound bridge, 43 meter or 140 foot fall. I want to do it again.

I was perfectly fine as 4 of us walked out onto the bridge and put our harnesses on. 2 girls went and then it was my turn. Chatting it up with guys strapping me in, stand up walk close to the edge and they ask me a question and I don't answer. My mind stopped working, what the heck am I about to do! It was terrifying, but I somehow managed to jump.

Not the graceful swan dives you always see, I think it's because we were in body harnesses and not foot ones. But still an epic picture that I love.

For the less than 5 second free fall you can't scream and all I could think about was how unsure I was that this rope wasn't going to catch me. Then it did and all I could do was scream. Most exhilarating feeling ever.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rabbits on steroids

I know it's been too long since I've updated my blog so I'll try and remember everything I've done the past couple of weeks and break it up.

The weekend after break was spent here in Lincoln as everyone was still recouping from our two week break and we all exchanged stories and enjoyed being back with each other. It's amazing how close we all have become and how excited we all were to return to each other. I hung out with CSU kids a lot this week as our advisor from Colorado came to visit and took us out to dinner, yum! We went to the horse races Friday night, but they were carriage races. I placed bets and lost, but helped others win! Unfair right?

I've been staying on top of my school work, which is starting to catch up with me. But I'm still enjoying my time out here. The first weekend of May Val, Cayla, Liz and I went to go hike Mt Cook. Well not the actual mountain but the best hike to see the glaciers and Mt Cook from. We left after dark Friday night to drive there. Upon getting to the mountains we began to see bunnies. Awww cute. Me and Val saw a kangaroo, we promise. The other girls don't believe us (now we are told it might be a wallaby). Saw a few possums, which are fury here and a big problem. Then we are driving along and this massive steroid rabbit hops out in front of our car and decides to jump right and left unsure of which way to go. 4 girls in a car, 2 are vegitarians, 1 steroid rabbit jumps out equals lots of screaming. This happened multiple times, we must have seen at least 200 bunnies/steroid rabbits in a half hour. They are not very smart animals. You can't run over them either because they are so big they will damage the car. Finally made it to the base of the mountain and set up camp. Woke up too late the next morning to get into the hut at the top of the mountain and the other girls didn't want to camp out up there because it would have been too windy and too cold. Basically they were pansys, but I wanted too! We still hiked up half way which was good. But it was nothing but stairs the whole way up, talk about a work out. Ran into more people from CSU and from other Colorado schools, I just can't escape them.

I took lots more pretty scenery pictures. But those will go in the scrapbook I plan to make this summer. I'll show it when I'm done. We ate dinner along Lake Tekapo, which has the bluest water ever. It's so gorgeous in the country.

I'll update more on my latest weekend in Queenstown later!

Sending my Love, Sarah

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm back!!!

Howdy once again!! I'm back from my two week adventure and already up to my elbows in school work that needs to get done. I do have good news, I passed all of my mid-terms!

As for my break I went to Sydney, Australia for 6 days. Love it. Fristly, Sydney has Krispy Kreme, so I ate about 20 donuts while I was there. Yummy. I found Nemo and got to pet a Koala!! Did you know that New South Wales (the region where Sydney is located) has a law that you can't hold Koala's because it stresses them out too much which causes them to die faster I toured the Opera House where they don't let you take pictures inside, something about how the designer doesn't want any one to be able to recreate it but he has also never been to visit it either. Enjoyed some sunny weather on the famous beaches Manly and Bondi. Hiked in the Blue Mountains where I saw the Three Sister's rock formations and an abundance of waterfalls. It was so surreal to be in Sydney.

My break continued with the exploration of the North Island. I went to the Coromandel Penninsula which is by far one of the most beautiful places ever and is also home to Cathedral Cove which can been seen in the feature film Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian scence where the kings and queens return to Narnia :) If only some of Harry Potter was filmed here would my life be complete. I travelled to Tauranga where I stayed in a hostel that was little South America as everyone was from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru or Venezuela it seemed like but it was tons of fun. I made so many friends as I travelled around. I then made my way to Rotorua to Zorb, you know Rocket Power style. Climb in a big plastic ball with some water and roll down a hill! Such a simple idea yet heaps of fun. From there it was to Wiatomo to visit the glow worm caves and their nuclear poop. I went blackwater rafting with an english fellow, Rob, who I'd gotten to know at the hostel the night before. It was quite the experience, absolutely freezing but the glow worms are pretty neat, looking like stars in the cave ceilings. I then went to Auckland from there to stay for free with Kelsey! It was lovely seeing her and we had so much fun swaping stories and catching up. It was nice to relax there for 2 days and not be moving around constantly.

For now I'm happy to be back in my room at uni with clean clothes and a daily shower. Still many more adventures that need to be taken.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Well, I'm off...gotta catch a bus to the airport in 30 minutes!!!! Somehow managed to pack, apply for my visa (which I forgot to do until this morning), shower and eat a good breakfast. Adventures galore for two weeks.

Love everyone <3

Monday, March 29, 2010

why do we study abroad when we know we aren't going to actually study...

Well, school finally caught up with me. My Finance mid-term was definitly the hardest test I've taken so far in my college career, and yes that includes any and all Chemistry tests! I in no way had enough time to finish the test. Luckily I felt slighty better after talking to everyone else that they felt the same way. I will find out on Wednesday...cross your fingers that I passed.

I've got two more tests this week. One in Marketing and the other in Accounting. Both I'm hoping to pass as well. Studying here is plain impossible I've decided, there are way better things to do with my time. However, this past weekend I did stay here at Lincoln so I could study...so far I've read 170 pages on marketing. Hopefully I'll remember some of it.

3 days of school this week. Wednesday is a field trip day, no school. Friday is Good Friday, so no school as well. Then I get a 2 week break...yes TWO weeks, sweet as! During said time I will be spending 6 days in Aussie land, more specifically Sydney, Australia!!!!! The remainder of the break will be spent exploring the North Island and visiting Kelsey (best friend and roomie from CSU). During these two weeks I will most likely not be updating the blog, I am sorry but this just means plenty of epic tales when I return for you to read.

Cheers and hope things are well!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend #4: No crazy wild adventure...but still great!

Last week/weekend was a little more chill...as long as you don't count St. Patrick's Day. Went into Christchurch for St. Patty's and had a blast! Met tons of people and became pretty good friends with the bartender's who were pretty cute. Had a broken camera after the foods festival, which is all Matt and Matt's fault but they won't own up to it...I'll make them some how. So the week was spent trying to figure that out which involved going into Christchurch a lot which meant I may or may not have skipped a few classes. As well as if or not we were going to Queenstown to jump off a bridge. Ultimately we didn't, which was a big bummer but just means when we do go everyone will be going and it will be tons of fun and I will have a working camera! Between homework and trying to make plans me and Liz (from UC Santa Barbara) went into town and saw a movie. On the way back I managed to not stall the car! Epic accomplishment.
Saturday Val, Emma and I headed to New Brighton beach with the intentions of just relaxing but instead ended up taking some surf lessons from a friend we had met the previous weekend at Wild Foods! Spent the afternoon learning, trying to stand up, getting worked by the waves and ultimately surfing and having a great time. The boss invited us back to his place to celebrate their return from Tahiti and this surfer's, Sammy, huge wave that was apparently a new record? All I know is we got to eat some great barbeque and hang out with some surfers and have a great day.

Up this week...my first test, and it's in finance.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Adventure #3: Wild Foods Festival Hokitika, New Zealand

Waffles, Whitbait, and Worms.
Mountain Oysters, Regular Oysters, and Snails
Moonshine, Shark, Ostrich, and Paua

Just some of the wild food I tried this past weekend at Hokitika Wild Foods Festival. Some were quite delicious; others made me want to gag. Camping on the side of a road under No Camping signs where we learned police don't care and kiwi's never sleep. Nights were spent at the bonfires on the beach. There would be one every 20 feet and we would just travel from one to another making friends, watching stupid people try to jump the fire and end up falling in it, as well as seeing a few full moons in the water. I waded in a few times only to have huge waves soak me a little more than anticipated. The festival itself was all day Saturday. Most people dress up, I saw about 30 Where's Waldo's, 10 smurfs, a few avatar people, power rangers, the mad hatter, and sooo much more that gave me great ideas for Halloween. Me and Val (hall mate from UofIllinois) embraced our current home and dressed as sheep with a few more oddities thrown on us to make it a little more ridiculous. Made tons of friends there, and met loads of people from Lincoln. Celebrated 3 peoples birthdays; Alli's 21st (my hall mate from UC Santa Cruz), LB's 18th (native Kiwi) and Ben's 21st (friend from Oregon) and danced like there was no one watching.

Backtracking a little...last week I went and saw Alice in Wonderland, adventured into Christchurch with Val to buy costumes and sleeping bags and stayed there to grab some sushi for dinner, and celebrated USA style on Thursday for Alli's birthday by going to the bars and finding people to buy her drinks to where they eventually would not let her into bars/clubs.

Stay tuned for next weeks update...hopefully it will be of bungy jumping and river adventures from Queenstown!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adventure #2: See that orange marker waaaay up there, yeah we gotta hike to it...

This past weekend, four of us went on a tramping (what us American's call backpacking) trip through Arthur's Pass. We had the Friday off, the Uni gives us field trip days and most classes are cancelled on those days, so we left then and did not return until Sunday. I drove the car through mountains (so did Sam, but we didn't let her drive again)! Side note: there are no bears in the Southern Alps. We hiked through almost every type of terrain and climate it felt like. Tramping through freezing rivers, across and up a few boulders through a few rainforests including one decorated with moss and over the marshlands while mostly in avalanche zones. Discovering 3 people cannot comfortably sleep in a 2 person tent and bed mats are a necessity on the hard ground. The marshlands ate one of Sam's shoes and she was forced to search for it with her hand. We procceeded to climb up the side of the mountain via gaint rocks only to find out it was the wrong way and we were infact suppose to go through the forest that was about 3/4 the way back down. I discovered exactly how slow short people have to walk on down inclines, which caused me and Sam to fall well behind the other two. We managed to take a little swimming break and jumped into the glacier river water, quite refreshing.

This coming weekend, Hokitika Wild Foods Festival! Cheers!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adventure #1: Johnny Tsunami

Well this past weekend I had my first adventure and it was a great one. The destinations were Kaikoura and Hanmer Springs with a few stops along the way. We left Saturday morning, Sam, Matt, Matt and I in our car and Patrick (australian), Sam (swedish), Nick and Emma in the other car and headed north. We stopped at a few wineries and did some tastings...I now know how all the wines taste. Makes me feel very upper class :) Lots of driving but the scenery was gorgeous and it was never a dull moment in our car. Then we drove over a hill and suddenly driving along the coast line. Amazing. We got to Kaikoura, explored a little and a found a hostel where 8 of us squeezed into a 6 person bedroom, because of this boys = snoring = me not sleeping. Oh well, Sam, Emma and I were up at 6 anyways to go watch the sunrise. Well when we got back to the hostel we were hearing people talk about a tsunami coming. Apparently there had been an earthquake in Chile (we didn't know about until then) and therefore all of the pacific had a Tsunami warning. Just our luck of course because we wanted to go whale watching but nope darn tsunami had to make everything cancelled. So us girls wanted to get going and do something else then. For once the girls were up and ready and the boys did not want to get out of bed. We even tried to have the people at the front desk kick them out but they didn't do it. So we didn't get going until probably 10:30.

Now we headed to Hanmer Springs. Realized we didn't have any gas and all the small towns we kept dirving through actually closed their gas stations on Sundays! Good ol' Princess POS made it though, however now the boys want to change her name to the Hulk. Don't worry, it won't happen. We got to Hanmer and hit up some hot springs/thermal pools which were pretty cool and I got a nice tan going on now. Hopefully I can maintain it until I return to summer in the states. Well we headed home cause I had homework to do and I badly wanted dinner.

Next weekend...hopefully some backpacking.

From Left to Right: Nick, Sam (swedish), Emma, Patrick (australian), Matt, Matt, Sam and me in the front!