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Thursday, February 25, 2010

First week of school...

Well , school started. My schedule consists of Accounting, Marketing, Managment (all freshman level classes so shouldn't be too difficult) and Finance (which accounting is a prereq for but I talked to the teacher and she was like generally american's have better study habits so you should be okay). Still don't like their schedule system, it's caused me to miss one class already. I'm probably going to have to look up what classes I have everyday because I won't be able to remember. I have managed to meet people that have my classes for the most part so I can find my study groups and such. Plus these classes have group projects and such which I'm not a fan of but I'll live.

Well Friday I didn't have class which was so nice so Sam, Matt, Emma (she goes to UofIllinois) and I went into Christchurch because we needed to get car insurance and pick up our free rugby tickets! Yup we already managed to make a connection and get free tickets to a game, it was pretty sweet. So I went to my first rugby game, the poor guys behind us got asked many questions, but now I'm begining to understand it! After we picked up our tickets but before we went to the game we had some Kiwi (New Zealand natives) show us around a little, they are very cool and love playing tour guide! But the coolest part is that they went to this private high school (well they call high school college...) and it looks like Hogwarts!!!!!! I was soooo jealous they went there and they got a kick out of it how much I was jealous. I have to go back and take more pictures. Anyways, by then it was time to head back to Lincoln so we could catch the bus in for the game...well turned out the hard part was going to be getting back to Lincoln, it probably took us about an hour trying to get back but should have only taken about 20 minutes. We didn't have map, so that is our next investment.

Monday, February 22, 2010

did I mention...

this car is a manual...yup and guess what...I drove it! Haven't stalled yet! Neither has Sam. I mean it was in a parking lot but it counts, we shifted into second too haha. The boys were very suprised, we showed them! This picture was after our first drive

Sunday, February 21, 2010

well there's nothing in the rule book...

Got our car!!!!! It's uhmm adorable, we are calling it Princess POS...just take a guess at what that means :) (Picture soon)

Last evening, probably around 8, we were chillin in our kitchen and noticed all these people outside in like the area between some of the dorms so naturally we were curious as to what was going on. Walk out and all these boys are trying to fill up this pool that has a filter and everything. Oh and I can't believe I haven't mentioned this before but all the boys here wear stubbies or short shorts, sooooo weird. Anyways, smart idea right cause there isn't one on campus (that I'm aware of) and it would be nice to cool off in haha. Well then we see the security people walk up and all of us americans were thinking well now they are going to get in trouble and have to take it down. No, we just looked at them as they stood there for a good while and then they said well there's nothing in the rule/hand book about pools! and they walked away! It was great, even the lady in charge of accomodation came down and started talking to them but didn't stop them at all. It's just so chill here, I love it.

I had class this morning at 830 (accounting), wasn't looking forward to it but...my professor was like well this is the only time we will be meeting on Monday! and then I had class again at 1130 (finance) and we are suppose to have class on Friday from 230-430, but she said she does online stuff instead of making us come into class and it can be completed any time before the next monday...so far no classes on Friday! but I've got one more class today at 530, I don't like it I've never had a class that late. Also they schedule classes very differently here. Instead of having MWF from 10-11 I'll have class Tuesday 830-930 Wed 330-530 and Thurs 130-230...very random and I don't like it.

Hope you all are well! Send my love.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

new friends and new adventures

So I guess I left off at Thursday morning. I did open a bank account, makes it soo easy to work with the money so hopefully I don't run out of it! That day I also went on a bus tour of Christchurch and the surrounding area, Lincoln is about a 20 minute drive to the heart of Christchurch, further than most of us anticipated but oh well. One of the girls in the hall, Val, gets motion sickness too so we sat up front with another one of our friends Steve (Val and Steve are both from UofIllinois) which actually turned out to be a good idea because we talked to the tour guide and he gave us a lot of useful information that the rest of the bus didn't get to hear haha. After we got back we didn't do much cause we were really tired but I did manage to finally unpack and clean up, granted my room still looks like a tornado hit it. We had dinner in the dining hall that night...food jury is still out on whether it's good or not. Then all us girls stayed in and watched He's Just Not That Into You, I'm really glad it was so easy to make friends with my hall mates and the other international people.

Friday was another adventure. Val, Steve, Nick (he's from California) and me took the bus into Hornby (a suburb of Christchurch) and did some shopping. I bought a pillow finally as well as groceries and a phone and other items like shampoo. I felt, I don't know how I would put it, but a college kid because each of us had about 3 bags of groceries, a pillow, and a backpack the had stuff in it waiting for the bus outside the shopping center. I thought we looked pretty legit haha. When we got back to Lincoln there was a bar-b-que going on, nothing like Texas of course but it was pretty decent and they had some live music. It was a gorgeous day for being outside, eating and listening to music. Side note: Colorado State sent a professor down here with us, Jack Whittier. That night all the CSU kids (about 17 of us, which is a lot!) went over to his house and we had dinner (that his wife cooked for us) and we met each other, for the most part, for the first time. It was nice because some of them have been here for a while traveling so we could exchange stories on where to go and what to see. Me and a girl, Sam, and a guy, Matt, from CSU are getting a car together so we can take weekend adventures (and don't have to ride the bus any more...I get to motion sickness with all the stops and starts) now it's not the best car, a 1987 subaru but our professor drove it and checked it out already so we feel safer getting that one than one he hasn't looked at. That night a bunch of the CSU kids went to the bar in Lincoln (about a 10 minute walk down the street) and we had a good time where we could all drink legally.

Saturday was beach day! The hall mates and I took the bus(es) to the beach where it was very windy therefore we were kind of chilly...granted it was only about 68F outside. I'm still trying to figure out all the metric conversions. The water would have been nice if it hadn't of been so darn breezy but oh well. We just lounged around enjoying the sun that eluded us the first 2 days we were here. I had to head back to Lincoln because Saturday night was the night Sam, Matt and I were bidding on our car! Yes we bought the car online...but we'd seen it and we got it for 755NZD!!!! That's really good, and we figure if it lasts the whole time we can find someone to sell it to even for like 300NZD. We are going to pick it up tonight (sunday). Well then we went and got ready to go out in Christchurch. So the bus into Christchurch was full and we were trying to figure out how to get into town with paying for a taxi...so (mom won't like this but) we hitchhiked. I was with 2 guys and 3 other girls and turns out the guy, who was from Fiji, worked for Lincoln and wanted to help us kids out anyways...so really it wasn't that bad! I promise, I was safe the whole time. We got to the bars, which are nothing like the bars in Fort Collins...they're huge! Well we danced and met some kiwi's and some creepers alike and had a great time. So this whole time we were kind of unsure how we would be getting back to Lincoln but lucky for us, once again, some guys saved us the trouble of having to pay for a taxi and drove us right back to campus. I promise we were safe I had people with me it was okay...please don't be mad at me or lecture me because now we have a car and will always have our own way there and back!

So today, we get out car. We will be making a list of the places we want to see and the things we want to do and hopefully we can do them on the weekends...that is the plan!

School starts tomorrow, I'll let y'all know how classes go...not fun.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the first day or two

Well I arrived to my dorm safely!!!! I got to Lincoln around 10:30 pm Tuesday night and was exhausted but of course I didn't get to sleep right away. Upon walking into my hall I was greeted by my hall mates plus a few more. Two of my hall mates are from California, one is from Chicago and one from France (I hardly see her). The girls were trying to learn the hoedown throwdown, a dance in the Hannah Montana Movie. Well since I already knew it and told them that I had to teach them of course. After a few tries they said they were going to practice more on their own and we sat down and talked and watched some youtube videos. Finally I was able to sneak away into my bed room and get some sleep. While unpacking my bedding from my bag I managed to pull everything else out where it still remains on my floor, I really ought to unpack but I haven't really found a chance.

The following day, Wednesday, was packed full of orientation stuff. I woke up at 8, went and registered, where I waited in lots of lines and met some new people even people from CSU that we had no idea we were from the same school! I've met lots of people and it's been really easy to make friends. We've talked about it and we think that the international students are more interested in making international friends than the kiwi's. After registering we had an international meeting where we just got to listen to talks but we did get food that was delicious. Then a campus tour (tiny!) and a hall meeting. The halls are very relaxed here, we can drink and have small parties (they actually encourage it) and they are a little easier on the international students it seems like. Got a little break before dinner where I talked to the family. Dinner with the hall, good food again...we will see if it lasts after the parents leave. I forget sometimes that this is still a normal school and it was odd to see parents moving their kids in :) After dinner and a quick walk to the store we got back and started to get ready for the wild wild west themed party later! Everyone was like this is right up your alley Sarah, sure was cause I managed to bring my Texas flag with me that I used in my outfit. Everyone at the party loved it! So we danced and rode the bull and then it was over and we came back here with a few extra people and hung out some more. Once again I managed to sneak away and get to bed earlier than the others but still late, I heard the RA come and tell them to be quiet though haha.

Now it's Thursday morning, I need to make a run to the bank to open an account and then there a tour of Christchurch I want to take.

Love y'all! oh and everyone loves that I say y'all

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the beginings!

Hello all! So sorry this is my first time writing in my blog but as I was staying in a hostel since February 13th I had little (if I wanted to pay) or no internet access. I’m actually writing this in a word document in the Auckland airport because they don’t have free wi-fi…oh the conveniences of the good ol’ USA. I guess I will begin with my journeys since I’ve left home, Houston that is not the States.

I went to California for a few days to visit my friend Alex. Saw all the famous beaches in SoCal for the most part, Laguna, Huntington, Newport and Venice. All beautiful and I could only imagine if I went to school there that I would have become a surf bum instead of snowboarding. But I’m still happy with my choice in school I just might Alex more often :) His campus is very small, undergrad is about the size of Creek, give 500 kids or so, it was odd going to class with him as everyone knows each other really and classes are about 30 kids or less and I got called out a few times because I was a new face haha. But going to his Biology class was interesting because his university is church based the teacher challenges them and plays devil’s advocate in the argument of evolution vs. a creator. It essentially came down to this, if there is no creator and we are evolved from nothing then all the choices we make and feelings are part of our chemical make-up and the way things collide and react with another meaning that we have no free will. This is where I got called out, if the professor made me and Alex stand up and he punched us, Alex would react faster and probably fight back because of his increases testosterone levels while it might take me a few more punches before I did anything. But what happens if Alex doesn’t fight back and instead insists that the professor see a medic because his hand will bruise, that choice goes against the chemical composition of the body and shows we do have free will. I thought it was interesting. Anyways from LA…

I boarded a two-story plane for 12 hours, soooo long; I didn’t think I would survive. I read a little and slept a lot, granted it was on and off. The meals weren’t bad and we were given two. I realize now that I never lived February 12th…sorry Lindsey I never wished you a Happy 21st Birthday!!! Once in Fiji (we landed at 5:45 am!) we went through customs, gathered our luggage and made our way to find the shuttle, with a little confusion we finally got it and went to the hostel…nothing fancy but livable for 3 days. That day all I wanted to do was sleep so we just relaxed by the pool/beach and read (Harry Potter of course) and fell asleep around 7. The next day we took a day cruise to one of the islands where we snorkeled and banana boated and enjoyed the blue waters and white sand. The next we took a town the the surrounding area, went to an orchid garden that was gorgeous, took at mud bath (like summers at Livingston) visited some villages and ate lunch in one. Everyone would be so proud that I’m trying to new things like okra mixed with things I don’t know (tasted like barbque to me), tapioca root (weird), yummy fried bread thing, pawpaw, eggplant, spinach coconut something, some weird sausage and I even ate a slice of pineapple (only because I didn’t like the sausage and wanted to get the taste out). The girl I’m traveling with can’t eat anything! She’s a vegetarian as well as allergic to dairy, so she mostly ate fruit. They have tea time in the afternoon; yes hot tea/coffee in 95 degree weather…doesn’t make any sense. Well today…

we woke up at 6 to get a taxi to the airport and catch our 8:45 flight to Auckland. I took a nice, hot and humid 10 minute walk outside from the international terminal to the domestic. Arrived around 12:45…my flight doesn’t leave here until 8:30 p.m. I will arrive in Christchurch at 9:50, find my shuttle and head to Lincoln only to wake up and be ready for orientation at 9 the following morning…