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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the first day or two

Well I arrived to my dorm safely!!!! I got to Lincoln around 10:30 pm Tuesday night and was exhausted but of course I didn't get to sleep right away. Upon walking into my hall I was greeted by my hall mates plus a few more. Two of my hall mates are from California, one is from Chicago and one from France (I hardly see her). The girls were trying to learn the hoedown throwdown, a dance in the Hannah Montana Movie. Well since I already knew it and told them that I had to teach them of course. After a few tries they said they were going to practice more on their own and we sat down and talked and watched some youtube videos. Finally I was able to sneak away into my bed room and get some sleep. While unpacking my bedding from my bag I managed to pull everything else out where it still remains on my floor, I really ought to unpack but I haven't really found a chance.

The following day, Wednesday, was packed full of orientation stuff. I woke up at 8, went and registered, where I waited in lots of lines and met some new people even people from CSU that we had no idea we were from the same school! I've met lots of people and it's been really easy to make friends. We've talked about it and we think that the international students are more interested in making international friends than the kiwi's. After registering we had an international meeting where we just got to listen to talks but we did get food that was delicious. Then a campus tour (tiny!) and a hall meeting. The halls are very relaxed here, we can drink and have small parties (they actually encourage it) and they are a little easier on the international students it seems like. Got a little break before dinner where I talked to the family. Dinner with the hall, good food again...we will see if it lasts after the parents leave. I forget sometimes that this is still a normal school and it was odd to see parents moving their kids in :) After dinner and a quick walk to the store we got back and started to get ready for the wild wild west themed party later! Everyone was like this is right up your alley Sarah, sure was cause I managed to bring my Texas flag with me that I used in my outfit. Everyone at the party loved it! So we danced and rode the bull and then it was over and we came back here with a few extra people and hung out some more. Once again I managed to sneak away and get to bed earlier than the others but still late, I heard the RA come and tell them to be quiet though haha.

Now it's Thursday morning, I need to make a run to the bank to open an account and then there a tour of Christchurch I want to take.

Love y'all! oh and everyone loves that I say y'all


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