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Thursday, February 25, 2010

First week of school...

Well , school started. My schedule consists of Accounting, Marketing, Managment (all freshman level classes so shouldn't be too difficult) and Finance (which accounting is a prereq for but I talked to the teacher and she was like generally american's have better study habits so you should be okay). Still don't like their schedule system, it's caused me to miss one class already. I'm probably going to have to look up what classes I have everyday because I won't be able to remember. I have managed to meet people that have my classes for the most part so I can find my study groups and such. Plus these classes have group projects and such which I'm not a fan of but I'll live.

Well Friday I didn't have class which was so nice so Sam, Matt, Emma (she goes to UofIllinois) and I went into Christchurch because we needed to get car insurance and pick up our free rugby tickets! Yup we already managed to make a connection and get free tickets to a game, it was pretty sweet. So I went to my first rugby game, the poor guys behind us got asked many questions, but now I'm begining to understand it! After we picked up our tickets but before we went to the game we had some Kiwi (New Zealand natives) show us around a little, they are very cool and love playing tour guide! But the coolest part is that they went to this private high school (well they call high school college...) and it looks like Hogwarts!!!!!! I was soooo jealous they went there and they got a kick out of it how much I was jealous. I have to go back and take more pictures. Anyways, by then it was time to head back to Lincoln so we could catch the bus in for the game...well turned out the hard part was going to be getting back to Lincoln, it probably took us about an hour trying to get back but should have only taken about 20 minutes. We didn't have map, so that is our next investment.


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