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Sunday, February 21, 2010

well there's nothing in the rule book...

Got our car!!!!! It's uhmm adorable, we are calling it Princess POS...just take a guess at what that means :) (Picture soon)

Last evening, probably around 8, we were chillin in our kitchen and noticed all these people outside in like the area between some of the dorms so naturally we were curious as to what was going on. Walk out and all these boys are trying to fill up this pool that has a filter and everything. Oh and I can't believe I haven't mentioned this before but all the boys here wear stubbies or short shorts, sooooo weird. Anyways, smart idea right cause there isn't one on campus (that I'm aware of) and it would be nice to cool off in haha. Well then we see the security people walk up and all of us americans were thinking well now they are going to get in trouble and have to take it down. No, we just looked at them as they stood there for a good while and then they said well there's nothing in the rule/hand book about pools! and they walked away! It was great, even the lady in charge of accomodation came down and started talking to them but didn't stop them at all. It's just so chill here, I love it.

I had class this morning at 830 (accounting), wasn't looking forward to it but...my professor was like well this is the only time we will be meeting on Monday! and then I had class again at 1130 (finance) and we are suppose to have class on Friday from 230-430, but she said she does online stuff instead of making us come into class and it can be completed any time before the next monday...so far no classes on Friday! but I've got one more class today at 530, I don't like it I've never had a class that late. Also they schedule classes very differently here. Instead of having MWF from 10-11 I'll have class Tuesday 830-930 Wed 330-530 and Thurs 130-230...very random and I don't like it.

Hope you all are well! Send my love.


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