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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adventure #1: Johnny Tsunami

Well this past weekend I had my first adventure and it was a great one. The destinations were Kaikoura and Hanmer Springs with a few stops along the way. We left Saturday morning, Sam, Matt, Matt and I in our car and Patrick (australian), Sam (swedish), Nick and Emma in the other car and headed north. We stopped at a few wineries and did some tastings...I now know how all the wines taste. Makes me feel very upper class :) Lots of driving but the scenery was gorgeous and it was never a dull moment in our car. Then we drove over a hill and suddenly driving along the coast line. Amazing. We got to Kaikoura, explored a little and a found a hostel where 8 of us squeezed into a 6 person bedroom, because of this boys = snoring = me not sleeping. Oh well, Sam, Emma and I were up at 6 anyways to go watch the sunrise. Well when we got back to the hostel we were hearing people talk about a tsunami coming. Apparently there had been an earthquake in Chile (we didn't know about until then) and therefore all of the pacific had a Tsunami warning. Just our luck of course because we wanted to go whale watching but nope darn tsunami had to make everything cancelled. So us girls wanted to get going and do something else then. For once the girls were up and ready and the boys did not want to get out of bed. We even tried to have the people at the front desk kick them out but they didn't do it. So we didn't get going until probably 10:30.

Now we headed to Hanmer Springs. Realized we didn't have any gas and all the small towns we kept dirving through actually closed their gas stations on Sundays! Good ol' Princess POS made it though, however now the boys want to change her name to the Hulk. Don't worry, it won't happen. We got to Hanmer and hit up some hot springs/thermal pools which were pretty cool and I got a nice tan going on now. Hopefully I can maintain it until I return to summer in the states. Well we headed home cause I had homework to do and I badly wanted dinner.

Next weekend...hopefully some backpacking.

From Left to Right: Nick, Sam (swedish), Emma, Patrick (australian), Matt, Matt, Sam and me in the front!


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