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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adventure #2: See that orange marker waaaay up there, yeah we gotta hike to it...

This past weekend, four of us went on a tramping (what us American's call backpacking) trip through Arthur's Pass. We had the Friday off, the Uni gives us field trip days and most classes are cancelled on those days, so we left then and did not return until Sunday. I drove the car through mountains (so did Sam, but we didn't let her drive again)! Side note: there are no bears in the Southern Alps. We hiked through almost every type of terrain and climate it felt like. Tramping through freezing rivers, across and up a few boulders through a few rainforests including one decorated with moss and over the marshlands while mostly in avalanche zones. Discovering 3 people cannot comfortably sleep in a 2 person tent and bed mats are a necessity on the hard ground. The marshlands ate one of Sam's shoes and she was forced to search for it with her hand. We procceeded to climb up the side of the mountain via gaint rocks only to find out it was the wrong way and we were infact suppose to go through the forest that was about 3/4 the way back down. I discovered exactly how slow short people have to walk on down inclines, which caused me and Sam to fall well behind the other two. We managed to take a little swimming break and jumped into the glacier river water, quite refreshing.

This coming weekend, Hokitika Wild Foods Festival! Cheers!


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