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Monday, March 15, 2010

Adventure #3: Wild Foods Festival Hokitika, New Zealand

Waffles, Whitbait, and Worms.
Mountain Oysters, Regular Oysters, and Snails
Moonshine, Shark, Ostrich, and Paua

Just some of the wild food I tried this past weekend at Hokitika Wild Foods Festival. Some were quite delicious; others made me want to gag. Camping on the side of a road under No Camping signs where we learned police don't care and kiwi's never sleep. Nights were spent at the bonfires on the beach. There would be one every 20 feet and we would just travel from one to another making friends, watching stupid people try to jump the fire and end up falling in it, as well as seeing a few full moons in the water. I waded in a few times only to have huge waves soak me a little more than anticipated. The festival itself was all day Saturday. Most people dress up, I saw about 30 Where's Waldo's, 10 smurfs, a few avatar people, power rangers, the mad hatter, and sooo much more that gave me great ideas for Halloween. Me and Val (hall mate from UofIllinois) embraced our current home and dressed as sheep with a few more oddities thrown on us to make it a little more ridiculous. Made tons of friends there, and met loads of people from Lincoln. Celebrated 3 peoples birthdays; Alli's 21st (my hall mate from UC Santa Cruz), LB's 18th (native Kiwi) and Ben's 21st (friend from Oregon) and danced like there was no one watching.

Backtracking a little...last week I went and saw Alice in Wonderland, adventured into Christchurch with Val to buy costumes and sleeping bags and stayed there to grab some sushi for dinner, and celebrated USA style on Thursday for Alli's birthday by going to the bars and finding people to buy her drinks to where they eventually would not let her into bars/clubs.

Stay tuned for next weeks update...hopefully it will be of bungy jumping and river adventures from Queenstown!


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