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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend #4: No crazy wild adventure...but still great!

Last week/weekend was a little more chill...as long as you don't count St. Patrick's Day. Went into Christchurch for St. Patty's and had a blast! Met tons of people and became pretty good friends with the bartender's who were pretty cute. Had a broken camera after the foods festival, which is all Matt and Matt's fault but they won't own up to it...I'll make them some how. So the week was spent trying to figure that out which involved going into Christchurch a lot which meant I may or may not have skipped a few classes. As well as if or not we were going to Queenstown to jump off a bridge. Ultimately we didn't, which was a big bummer but just means when we do go everyone will be going and it will be tons of fun and I will have a working camera! Between homework and trying to make plans me and Liz (from UC Santa Barbara) went into town and saw a movie. On the way back I managed to not stall the car! Epic accomplishment.
Saturday Val, Emma and I headed to New Brighton beach with the intentions of just relaxing but instead ended up taking some surf lessons from a friend we had met the previous weekend at Wild Foods! Spent the afternoon learning, trying to stand up, getting worked by the waves and ultimately surfing and having a great time. The boss invited us back to his place to celebrate their return from Tahiti and this surfer's, Sammy, huge wave that was apparently a new record? All I know is we got to eat some great barbeque and hang out with some surfers and have a great day.

Up this week...my first test, and it's in finance.



Anonymous said...

oh.em.gee. Ali will be so jealous of your new surfer friends! I miss you lots, but I'm so glad to see all your adventures and that you're having such an awesome time! Good luck on your test babe!

<3 Lysha

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