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Monday, March 29, 2010

why do we study abroad when we know we aren't going to actually study...

Well, school finally caught up with me. My Finance mid-term was definitly the hardest test I've taken so far in my college career, and yes that includes any and all Chemistry tests! I in no way had enough time to finish the test. Luckily I felt slighty better after talking to everyone else that they felt the same way. I will find out on Wednesday...cross your fingers that I passed.

I've got two more tests this week. One in Marketing and the other in Accounting. Both I'm hoping to pass as well. Studying here is plain impossible I've decided, there are way better things to do with my time. However, this past weekend I did stay here at Lincoln so I could study...so far I've read 170 pages on marketing. Hopefully I'll remember some of it.

3 days of school this week. Wednesday is a field trip day, no school. Friday is Good Friday, so no school as well. Then I get a 2 week break...yes TWO weeks, sweet as! During said time I will be spending 6 days in Aussie land, more specifically Sydney, Australia!!!!! The remainder of the break will be spent exploring the North Island and visiting Kelsey (best friend and roomie from CSU). During these two weeks I will most likely not be updating the blog, I am sorry but this just means plenty of epic tales when I return for you to read.

Cheers and hope things are well!


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