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Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm back!!!

Howdy once again!! I'm back from my two week adventure and already up to my elbows in school work that needs to get done. I do have good news, I passed all of my mid-terms!

As for my break I went to Sydney, Australia for 6 days. Love it. Fristly, Sydney has Krispy Kreme, so I ate about 20 donuts while I was there. Yummy. I found Nemo and got to pet a Koala!! Did you know that New South Wales (the region where Sydney is located) has a law that you can't hold Koala's because it stresses them out too much which causes them to die faster I toured the Opera House where they don't let you take pictures inside, something about how the designer doesn't want any one to be able to recreate it but he has also never been to visit it either. Enjoyed some sunny weather on the famous beaches Manly and Bondi. Hiked in the Blue Mountains where I saw the Three Sister's rock formations and an abundance of waterfalls. It was so surreal to be in Sydney.

My break continued with the exploration of the North Island. I went to the Coromandel Penninsula which is by far one of the most beautiful places ever and is also home to Cathedral Cove which can been seen in the feature film Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian scence where the kings and queens return to Narnia :) If only some of Harry Potter was filmed here would my life be complete. I travelled to Tauranga where I stayed in a hostel that was little South America as everyone was from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru or Venezuela it seemed like but it was tons of fun. I made so many friends as I travelled around. I then made my way to Rotorua to Zorb, you know Rocket Power style. Climb in a big plastic ball with some water and roll down a hill! Such a simple idea yet heaps of fun. From there it was to Wiatomo to visit the glow worm caves and their nuclear poop. I went blackwater rafting with an english fellow, Rob, who I'd gotten to know at the hostel the night before. It was quite the experience, absolutely freezing but the glow worms are pretty neat, looking like stars in the cave ceilings. I then went to Auckland from there to stay for free with Kelsey! It was lovely seeing her and we had so much fun swaping stories and catching up. It was nice to relax there for 2 days and not be moving around constantly.

For now I'm happy to be back in my room at uni with clean clothes and a daily shower. Still many more adventures that need to be taken.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Well, I'm off...gotta catch a bus to the airport in 30 minutes!!!! Somehow managed to pack, apply for my visa (which I forgot to do until this morning), shower and eat a good breakfast. Adventures galore for two weeks.

Love everyone <3