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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My time is winding down...

I know it has been a while since I have updated, but not much has been happening. Me, Cayla, Liz and Emma went and stayed with our Kiwi friend Claire in Akaroa one weekend where I got to go wakeboarding in the ocean in winter. So cold but it was awesome. Her family was sweet and we got to have some delicious home cooked meals.
Other than that it's just been everyone finishing up assignments and studying making the rest of us unable to do anything with anyone. We've had a few good nights here and there with everyone, playing card games and drinking, just trying to soak up as much as we possibly can. We've all kind of gotten into a funk as it approached and became the beginning of June because we knew our time was coming to an end and of course we don't want to leave each other. It is the most bitter sweet feeling I, and everyone else, has ever felt. We are ready to see friends and family from home but it's going to be a tearful plane ride home.

As for now, we are trying to concentrate on finals and are trying to remember how to study. I'm just praying to pass, and I better or I'm dead probably.

The four of us. Liz, Cayla, Me and Val. We've decided this picture describes us the best, each in our own personalities and us as a group of loud american's.